No Photo ID = No COVID-19 Test For Millions?

VoteRiders recently learned that FEMA-run testing sites in Florida are asking potential COVID-19 victims to show a photo ID before they can be tested — at a time when all ID-issuing offices are closed indefinitely.

This requirement threatens to cut off millions of vulnerable Americans from life-saving testing and treatment — and expose anyone they come in contact with to unnecessary, extreme risk. Senior citizens, people of color, people with disabilities, and people from low-income communities are among those most likely to lack the ID being requested by FEMA at testing sites.

FEMA has not responded to our requests to clarify their photo ID policy for federally run testing sites. We need your help to amplify this issue and end this dangerous practice.

Thank you for taking action and helping ensure that everyone can access the care they need – whether or not they have a photo ID!