Free Help for Voting by Mail

Photocopy My ID

VoteRiders offers you free help to get a photocopy of your ID. There are two situations in which you will need a copy of your ID if you want to vote by mail.

1: Voting by Mail or Absentee Ballot
If you live in one of the following states, you may need to submit a copy of an ID to vote by mail or absentee ballot:

2: Voting for the First Time

When you register to vote and vote for the first time in a federal election (Presidential or Congressional elections) in your state, you must prove who you are.

IF you do not have access to a printer, VoteRiders will help you!




Here’s what our legal teams will do:

  • Print two copies of your acceptable ID
  • Mail them to you
  • Along with your ID copies, we will include:
    • A copy of your state’s vote-by-mail ballot application (if it is legal under your state’s law for VoteRiders to do so and if your state or county isn’t already providing one to you)
    • A stamped and addressed envelope so you can easily mail your absentee ballot application to your local elections’ office

You can find more details about this program and our Terms and Conditions below.



Get in Touch

Call or text our Voter ID Helpline: 866-ID-2-VOTE

Contact VoteRiders to ask questions or get started.



How It Works

We’ll let you know what information we need in order to help you.

We will provide a secure and encrypted email address to which you will send a legible photo of your ID. Your ID photo will be deleted by our legal partners as soon as your copies are in the mail.

We’ll also ask you to provide your name, mailing address, and the state where you intend to vote.

Our legal teams will confirm that your ID meets your state’s or federal requirements and print two copies.

We will mail the copies of your ID, along with what you need to apply for a mail-in ballot, to the address you provide. If you don’t provide your mailing address and voting state but this information is visible on your ID, we’ll mail the copies of your ID to that address.

Your ID photo will be deleted by our legal partners as soon as your copies are in the mail.

Terms & Conditions

Based on VoteRiders’ website (which includes information from your state’s Secretary of State website or other publicly available information), the law firm of Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe (“Orrick”) will review your ID to confirm that it is acceptable for mail-in voting under your state’s law or under the federal voter registration ID law. If your ID is acceptable, Orrick will make two photocopies of the ID that you had emailed. As soon as Orrick deposits them in the mail for delivery to you through the U.S. Postal Service, Orrick will delete all images of your submitted ID.

Reviewing and providing a photocopy of your ID for you does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. All liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on the photocopy of your ID is hereby expressly disclaimed. Participation in the Photocopy My ID program does not mean that Orrick represents you in any capacity and no attorney-client relationship has been formed by your participation in this program.

VoteRiders and Orrick value your privacy. Accordingly, all of your information will be handled consistent with the privacy policies of VoteRiders and Orrick. VoteRiders, on behalf of itself and its representatives, its pro bono law firms, and its other volunteers, disclaims any and all liability for any damages, loss, or expenses of any kind arising from or related to actions taken, or not taken, with respect to providing your ID. Your participation in this program does not mean you are a client of Orrick.