Quanisha's Voter ID Story

Quanisha's Voter ID Story

When Quanisha aged out of the foster care system in Georgia, she only had a copy of her birth certificate, not a certified copy which is required to obtain a photo ID.

Quanisha wanted to register and vote, so her friend contacted VoteRiders for help. We called the Elections Division at the Georgia Secretary of State's office to confirm what kind of ID must be included with a voter registration application. They advised that the copy of her birth certificate PLUS something like a utility bill showing her name and address would suffice. This was another hurdle, as she was renting a room and none of the bills at her house were in her name. We asked the elections division to mail a voter registration application to her, which was accepted as an official document. With her new voter registration card, Quanisha was able to obtain an official certified copy of her birth certificate and a Georgia state ID card.

Not only is Quanisha ready to vote, she will now be able to secure a job with her photo ID. The future is bright for this young citizen!