Sabrina Mommers in VoteRiders' North Carolina Organizer.

Sabrina Joy Mommers, JD

North Carolina Organizer

Sabrina Joy Mommers’ passion for advocacy started in Texas where she worked as an employee rights attorney, protecting workers’ wages. As the daughter of an immigrant, she learned the value of every vote at a young age. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin’s McComb Business School and also earned her Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law in Houston, becoming licensed to practice law in Texas. Growing up, Sabrina was an elite All-American gymnast, placing second in the state of Texas. Sabrina has also lived in Costa Rica and the Virgin Islands while pursuing a career in travel and real estate. She recently moved to Charlotte, NC, to use her law degree in an advocacy role. In addition to her new position as VoteRiders’ North Carolina Organizer, she is involved in jail and prison reform in Mecklenburg County.

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Location: Charlotte, NC