Voter ID News: LeBron James, Alabama, Oklahoma, And Wisconsin

Written by: VoteRiders

This week’s question:

What am I supposed to do if my state requires that I include a copy of my ID with my absentee ballot request or absentee ballot? I don’t have a copier and my public library is closed!

This week’s Answer:

You’re thinking ahead – good question! You’ve highlighted one of the barriers that face voters, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can get help right now for free through VoteRiders’ “Photocopy My ID” program. With a simple email request, we’ll walk you through how to get a copy of your ID and everything else you need to vote absentee in your state. Click here for more information.

This week’s articles of note:

LeBron James’ new organization More Than a Vote has released its first ad supporting voting rights for Black Americans. The organization’s focus is educating and protecting Black citizens to ensure their right to vote as explained here. … A study from the Brennan Center for Justice shows that as many as 25% of Black citizens do not have a current government-issued ID. VoteRiders provides free ID help!

Given Alabama’s upcoming senatorial primary runoff on July 14, Secretary of State John Merrill’s interview provides the deadlines to register and request an absentee ballot as well as explains what ID is needed to vote absentee or in person. Watch his video interview here….

Oklahoma’s June 30 primary is just around the corner. If you’ve requested an absentee ballot, this article provides important information on how to make sure that your ballot counts, including providing a copy of your ID or obtaining a notary signature. Read more

Barriers to voting often significantly impact young people, especially college students who go to school away from their hometowns. This article details the hurdles that one University of Wisconsin student had to overcome in his efforts to cast his ballot. Read more….

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