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Recent Press Coverage

'We can’t afford to wait': coronavirus could shut out droves of new US voters

By Sam Levine

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Is America a democracy? If so, why does it deny millions the vote?

By Ankita Rao, Pat Dillon, Kim Kelly, and Zak Bennett for The Guardian

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by Julia Wall - North Carolina11/19/2018

Wisconsin Democrats Won More Votes in the Midterms. In the Legislature, It Didn’t Matter.

By Alys Brooks for ReWire.News.

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Credit: Tribune News Service


By Julia Jacobs for the New York Times

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Protecting the Black vote ahead of the 2018 midterm elections

  • by Donna Owens for

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Wisconsin's Voter ID Law Has Created Confusion And Hurdles

  • by Cameron Smith of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

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They Don't Want You to Vote!

  • by Melanie Conklin for Shepherds Express

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It Can Still Be Hard for Women to Vote. Here's What You Should Know About Your Rights

  • by Celeste Katz for Glamour Magazine

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Advocates Fight Voter Suppression Measures By Helping Citizens Get Voter IDs

  • by Nina Sparling for

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Recent Broadcast Media/ Interviews


¿Vives en un estado en el que tienes que presentar ID para votar?: aquí te lo decimos

VoteRiders' National Outreach Director, Selene Gomez, talks with Univision about voter ID and what eligible voters need to know.

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"Voices for Good" Podcast by Independent Sector

  • Interview with VoteRiders CEO & Executive Director Dave Griggs

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Ensuring Citizens Aren't Denied Their Right To Vote with Kathleen Unger and Dave Griggs of VoteRiders

  • The Great Battlefield Podcast (Episode 332)

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On The Ground: Groups Fight Back Against Voter Suppression In Wisconsin 

NowThisPolitics features Anita Johnson as she helps voters in Wisconsin get their ID and get ready to vote.

Anita featured in NowThisNews


Thom Hartmann interviewed Kathleen Unger, Founder and President of VoteRiders, about the work of the organization and plans to put volunteers to work helping voters in 2018. 


Press Archive


Restrictive voter ID laws are no match for this group

Dartunorro Clark of NBC News reports on VoteRiders work to ensure voters have whatever ID they need to vote in 2018.

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Kathleen Unger of VoteRidersby The Dean Obeidallah Show
Kathleen Unger, VoteRiders' Founder and President, talks to Dean Obeidallah on SiriusXM Progress about the challenges citizens face getting ID to vote, and the importance of educating voters about what ID they need to vote. July 20, 2017


Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law Caused Major Problems at the Polls Last Night 

Ari Berman of The Nation summarizes problems with long lines for students and other election issues. Features an interview with Dennis Hatten, one of our most complex ID cases.

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‘Desperate times for democracy’ in Wisconsin

Zachary Roth of MSNBC reviews key voting issues in Wisconsin. Interviews with 2 people who got their ID with help from VoteRiders. Touches on lack of voter education & the high barriers for students.

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Organization helps people with voter ID law.

WISC-TV 3 Madison profiles VoteRiders’ and our Dane County Voter ID Coalition’s efforts to help voters go to the DMV to get their IDs.

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300,000 Could Be Impacted By WI Voter ID Law

The quirks of Wisconsin's newly implemented Voter ID law have been confusing for some at the polls. Anita Johnson of VoteRiders joins All in With Chris Hayes.

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Veteran Almost Disenfranchised By Wisconsin Voter ID Says It’s Like A Poll Tax

Alice Ollstein of ThinkProgress writes about the obstacles veteran Dennis Hatten had to contend with to get his voter ID - 6 months of work with Anita and a volunteer lawyer - to fix a mistake on his birth certificate.

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John Yang of PBS NewsHour follows VoteRiders’ Anita Johnson as she assists voters getting their ID.



For the Record with Neil Heinen 

VoteRiders’ Molly McGrath interviewed by Neil Heinen of WISC-TV about helping voters get their ID in preparation for the primary election.

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