What We Do

VoteRiders is making sure no eligible citizen is denied his or her right to vote for lack of ID.

VoteRiders is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization providing free information and help to voters to make sure they have the right kind of ID to vote in their state. We are the leading organization focused exclusively on voter ID.

In 2019-2020 we will continue to build our on-the-ground Voter ID Coalitions in Florida, and Wisconsin, and expand to Georgia and other voter ID states that have high voter interest and competitive races. We also work with organizations in many other states (see our growing list of Partners), given the widespread confusion about voter ID. Some states' voter ID laws leave the decision about whether a citizen’s vote will count to the discretion of DMV employees or poll workers, and others require documentary proof of citizenship to even register to vote in local elections.

Read more about how voter ID laws disenfranchise millions of eligible voters. In addition to people who lack acceptable ID to vote, confusion and intimidation serve to prevent millions more eligible voters from voting, even if they have a valid ID in their state. Our Voter ID Helpline (844-33-VTRID) receives as many calls from people in non-voter ID states as from those in states that require or request ID at the polls! Even poll workers are confused and sometimes ask voters for ID when none is required.

Our programs and services fall into three main areas:

1. Individual Voter Assistance

We provide information about voter ID requirements for every voter in every state, via our nationwide toll-free Voter ID Helpline (844-338-8743), online resources, and our on-the-ground teams. We assist voters who need to obtain ID to vote in their state, including:

  • covering the cost of required documents (birth certificates, Social Security cards, name-change court orders, etc.),
  • arranging transportation to their local DMV to secure voter ID, and
  • pro bono legal assistance with documentation.

2. Voter ID Education

We inform people about voter ID requirements so that they have confidence their vote will count. We bring clarity to the widespread confusion about voter ID and its relationship to voter registration and other voting rights issues. We highlight developments in voter ID laws, their implementation, and their consequences (see Voter ID News for the latest). This includes our outreach through traditional and social media. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed, and sign up for our occasional email updates.

3. On-the-Ground Partnerships

We partner with local organizations to find, inform and help voters with voter ID, especially those most at risk of losing their right to vote. Our Partner Organizations are crucial to the work we do. Their community connections and volunteer programs multiply and sustain our impact across the country. In our experience, the most effective way to organize to assist voters is to support local VoteRiders Voter ID Coalitions that include on-the-ground organizations, local election and other government officials, community institutions, and businesses (like taxi companies). We are expanding our network of Partner Organizations and supporting their Voter ID Coalitions. If you know of, or belong to, a local organization interested in partnering with VoteRiders, please contact us

Watch a video presentation outlining how VoteRiders is meeting the challenge of today's voter ID crisis: 

This presentation is also available as a slide deck and PDF

What Can You Do?

If you, your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors need information or assistance obtaining an ID to vote, please call our toll-free Voter ID Helpline: 844-338-8743 or contact us

Check out these actions you can take to make sure every citizen has the ID they need to vote

Donations are 100% tax deductible. VoteRiders is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax identification number is 45-5081831. 

  • Our national headquarters is located at:
    171 Pier Avenue #313
    Santa Monica, CA  90405