Voter ID Stories

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Dennis Hatten’s Voter ID Story

Marine veteran Dennis Hatten was initially denied an ID to vote by the Milwaukee DMV because his birth certificate had a mistake. It took 6 months of persistence with VoteRiders' Anita Johnson before Dennis was finally able to vote. Read more about Dennis' story in th ... EP

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Sarada’s Voter ID Story

  Sarada is a teacher and mom, and has been a US citizen since she was 8 years old. She had an Illinois ID and proof of Wisconsin residency, but not a copy of her naturalization papers, which would have cost her $345 and taken up to two years. She wanted to vote, ... EP

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Debra’s Voter ID Story

Debra is a lifelong resident of Madison, WI and a lung cancer survivor. She no longer drives, and had let her WI driver’s license expire. Debra didn’t realize that she would not be able to use her expired license to vote until she talked to VoteRiders’ Molly McGrath at a local ... EP

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Jose’s Voter Story

Jose, who grew up in Milwaukee, has been experiencing homelessness. His wallet was stolen with his state ID and Social Security Card in it. He met VoteRiders’ Molly McGrath at First United Methodist Church and told her he didn't know where the nearest DMV was, or how to go abo ... EP

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Scott’s Voter ID Story

Scott and his wife Betty are Wisconsin voters who have been married for 30 years. They didn't know they would need a photo ID to vote in 2016 until they saw a poster with VoteRiders' helpline number at their local food pantry.  Scott had let his Wisconsin ID expire, and w ... EP

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Alberta Currie: NC Voter ID lawsuit

Profile of Alberta Currie, lead plaintiff in the Southern Coalition for Social Justice's lawsuit battling NC's restrictive Voter ID requirement. Producers: Mandie Sellars ( and Jeremy Collins ( Video: Mark Manring ( ... EP

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Laura’s Voter ID Story

Meet Laura. She reached out to VoteRiders for help to obtain identification she needed to vote. Laura recently moved to Indiana from California. She is divorced and kept her married name as her legal name. She has a birth certificate, social security card, a United States Departm ... EP

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