Fundraise for VoteRiders

Share your passion for democracy and help empower every voter with the ID and information they need to cast a vote with confidence.

There are many ways you can fundraise– sharing a quick and easy social media post, organizing a fun virtual event, or encouraging friends and family to donate for your birthday.

Whatever creative idea you dream up, we are deeply thankful to have you as part of our VoteRiders family!

Fundraiser ideas

If you are a gamer, a musician, a DJ, or content creator of any kind, you can use the Tiltify platform to set up a fundraiser for VoteRiders.

Tiltify integrates directly with Twitch and other content platforms and gives you the flexibility to set up goals, polls, rewards, and other creative incentives.

On Instagram, when you share a photo or video to your story, you can add a donation sticker to encourage people to donate to VoteRiders.

From your story, tap  to add stickers. From there, you can:

  • Select the donation sticker, then select the nonprofit you want to raise money for and customize the name of your fundraiser.
  • When people see your donation sticker in your story, they can tap Donate to donate to your selected nonprofit.
  • Swipe up on your story to see the total amount raised and donations by username.



If you are a Facebook user, you are probably familiar with the fundraising tool that your friends use on their birthdays to raise donations for a favorite cause. You can support the right to vote by starting your own Facebook Fundraiser for VoteRiders with THIS LINK!

Facebook does not charge any fees on donations through their platform, so 100% of money raised goes to our voter ID services and programs.

Have another idea for a creative fundraiser that will inspire your community? We can’t wait to help you make that vision a reality. Some examples from some of our other wonderful supporters:

  • Donate proceeds from selling art, music, stickers or other items.
  • Organize a live virtual event that could include writing letters or sending texts to voters, discussing a movie, or any other non-partisan experience you want to share.

Our amazing Giving Team will be thrilled to help you. Please email [email protected] with ANY ideas or questions.