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VoteRiders is proud to have worked alongside thousands of organizations to bring voter ID information and assistance to voters across the country.

Our partners include direct service providers, democracy groups, voter contact programs, law firms, churches, schools, healthcare providers, libraries, athletic organizations, corporations, and more.


We Want to Work with You

We know millions of Americans need help with voter ID – but most organizations don’t have the resources to answer questions or provide personal assistance. VoteRiders wants to be your partner in filling that gap.

Our free tools and services offer the capacity to address voter ID issues through your organization’s existing programs without adding to your budget.

Partner Toolkit

Tools and Services

Voter ID Assistance
You can trust VoteRiders to provide voters with the logistical, legal, and financial support they need to secure voter ID.  We cover costs, arrange free rides to the DMV, help track down documents, and print any copies required for voting by mail.

Voter ID Clinics and Virtual Voter ID Support
Bring VoteRiders’ services to your organization by hosting a Voter ID Clinic or sharing our services and contact information with your communities.

Voter ID Clinics can be customized to fit your needs – whether that is on-site, recurring office hours, or one-time events. Virtual support is available on an unscheduled basis by providing our contact cards to your clients so they can call for assistance at their convenience.

Voter ID Helpline and Chatbot
Voters can call or text 866ID-2-VOTE at any time to reach our Voter ID Helpline. A VoteRiders team member is always standing by to answer questions or provide free help.

Our Voter ID Chatbot is available via SMS or Facebook Messenger. It provides voters with automatic information and personalized assistance. Partners can use this as a peer-to-peer organizing tool, directing voters to the Chatbot on their websites or social media channels.

Voter ID Info Cards
These pocket-sized guides allow voters to quickly reference their state’s voter ID rules. Whether tucked in their wallet or saved on their phone, our info cards offer crucial backup when voters run into confusion or misinformed workers at the polls.

Cards are available in English and Spanish for all 50 states and DC. They are free to download and can easily be added to your digital organizing program. VoteRiders prints and ships physical cards to registered 501(c)(3) organizations at no cost. All you need is a plan for distributing the cards to voters.

Direct Voter Contact Partnerships
Every conversation with a voter is an opportunity to confirm they know what ID they need and how to secure it. Our Direct Voter Contact Partners incorporate voter ID into their voter registration drives, phone banks, Get Out the Vote, or other outreach programs. The goal is to connect any voters in need of assistance with free resources and support from VoteRiders.

Training and Presentations
Our team is available to train your staff, canvassers, or volunteers. We will cover best practices for assisting voters with ID issues – including specific information for your state or community.

VoteRiders’ expert staff is also available to present on webinars, podcasts, or other virtual events.

Get in Touch

Drop us a brief note with your ideas for how we can work together. Our National Outreach Director will follow up with more information about adding free voter ID information and assistance to your programs.

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