Many transgender and nonbinary people face barriers accessing the ID they need to register and vote safely.

For transgender and nonbinary people whose ID doesn’t match their name and gender, voter ID laws can make the experience of casting a ballot invalidating and intimidating.

VoteRiders and HeadCount’s Vote with Pride team are here to make sure you have everything you need to vote safely and confidently.

Step by Step

Trans and nonbinary voters: follow the steps below to update your ID and voter registration.

We know this process can be complicated, but we’ve got your back! We recommend getting started ASAP so you are ready to vote in the next election.

Update Your ID

The ID you need (or don’t need!) to vote depends on where you live. Your state also determines the process for changing your name and updating the gender marker on your driver’s license, state ID, or birth certificate.


Register to Vote

At least two million voting-eligible LGBTQ+ Americans are not registered to vote. Make sure you are vote ready by registering (or re-registering) with your updated ID and info.



Need Help with your ID?

VoteRiders and HeadCount are here to support you! Check your state’s guide for trans and nonbinary voters below.

Contact VoteRiders if you have questions or need help. We will help figure out what documents you need, cover costs, and even provide a free ride to the DMV.

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State Rules

Strict Voter ID





Non-Strict Voter ID





States with No Voter ID