Voter ID in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a non-strict voter ID state.

You will be asked to show an acceptable ID to confirm your identity when voting in person.

If you are a registered voter but do not present an acceptable ID at the polling place, you may cast a provisional ballot and sign an affidavit.

Check here for a full rundown of the state’s rules!

Any registered Oklahoma voter can request an absentee ballot.

You may need to provide a copy of your ID to vote by mail.

Check here for a full rundown of the state’s rules

Changing Your Legal Name

You must file a formal request with a state district court or tribal court to change your name in Oklahoma.

You may be required to publish notice of your name change in a newspaper for a specific amount of time. The court has the option to waive this requirement and seal records with good cause.

If the court approves your name change, you will receive a court order that can be used to update the name on your ID documents.

Submit a request to the Oklahoma’s Department of Health to amend your birth certificate.

To change the name on your Oklahoma birth certificate, you will need to provide:

  • Birth Certificate Request Form (PDF)
  • name-change court order
  • copy of acceptable photo ID
  • payment of applicable fees

Note: You must update your birth certificate with the state where you were born.

You must notify Oklahoma’s Department of Public Safety in writing within ten (10) days of your legally changing your name.

You will need to provide supporting documents demonstrating your name change. Examples include:

  • name-change court order (original or certified copy)
  • primary ID like state-issued birth certificate (showing amended name)

Updating Gender Markers

Oklahoma does not have a specific legal provision for updating the gender marker on your birth certificate.

If you submit a court order certifying your gender transition, Oklahoma’s Department of Health is likely to issue you an amended birth certificate.

The Department of Health does not require you to provide a physician’s statement to issue an updated birth certificate. Some judges may require one to issue the court order certifying your gender transition.

Note: You must update your birth certificate with the state where you were born.

Visit an Oklahoma DPS office to update the gender marker on your driver’s license or state ID.

You must provide a notarized physician’s statement certifying that you have undergone gender affirmation surgery. The statement must use specific language to confirm you meet the state’s medical requirements.


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