Partner Toolkit: Voter ID Chatbot

Thank you for sharing our voter ID chatbot with your community!

Chatting with VoteRiders offers people fast, automated information about what ID is required to vote in their state. The chatbot communicates in English or Spanish and is available by text message (844-338-8743), Facebook Messenger, or website chat.

We created these graphics and sample messages to suppport outreach efforts. Please distribute widely and help spread the word!

Link to the chatbot on Facebook Messenger:

Sample Posts:

  • Get ready to vote! Message VoteRiders now for free information about voter ID requirements in [STATE].
  • Have questions about voter ID? VoteRiders has answers! Chat now about what is required where you live:
  • Our friends at VoteRiders offer free information and assistance with voter ID. Get in touch on messenger and make sure you're ready to vote:

Click the images below to open the full size versions:

Sample Tweets:

  • Get ready to vote! Text @VoteRiders for free info about voter ID requirements in [STATE]: 844-338-8743
  • Everything you need to know about voter ID is only a text away! Get in touch with @VoteRiders: 844-338-8743
  • Our friends at @VoteRiders are ready to help you with voter ID! Text: 844-338-8743

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Sample posts:

  • Do you need an ID to vote? Our friends @thevoteriders are standing by to help with voter ID information and assistance. Text 844-338-8743 to get in touch.
  • Getting ready to vote can be as easy as a text! Text @thevoteriders and make sure you have the ID required to vote in [STATE]. They're available to chat any time: 844-338-8743.

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Add VoteRiders as a resource on any page that talks about voter registration!

Suggested copy:

For up-to-date information and help with voter ID, text VoteRiders: 844-338-8743 or visit


Add an image to your website and link to the chatbot on SMS using this code:

<a href="sms:+18443388743"&body=via%20%5BPARTNER%20NAME%5D>

Please: Replace the text in red with your organization's name (no spaces) to help us track voter referrals.


Link to VoteRiders chatbot on Facebook Messenger:

Click the images below to open full size versions:




Encourage people to text the Voter ID Chatbot at your next event!

The MC or event host can invite people to text "Voter ID" or the name of your organization to 844-338-8743.