UTAH Voter ID Information

Registered Utah voters will be asked to show an acceptable ID at the polls to vote. 

VoteRiders provides information and free, expert assistance to help you with voter ID. We can help with renewing your expired ID, obtaining the documents needed to secure your ID, and covering the cost of getting to and from ID-issuing offices. Call or text VoteRiders’ Voter ID Helpline: 844-338-8743.


ONE ID with voter’s name & photo, including:
  • UT driver's license*
  • ID card issued by UT or an entity of U.S.*
  • UT concealed weapon permit*
  • U.S. passport*
  • Tribal ID (needn’t include photo)
TWO IDs with voter's name & evidence voter resides in voting precinct, including:
  • Utility bill*
  • Bank or other financial account statement
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • A check issued by UT or U.S.
  • Paycheck from your employer
  • UT hunting or fishing license*
  • U.S. military ID card*
  • Certified naturalization documentation
  • Certified court records: adoption or name change
  • Medicaid, Medicare, or Electronic Benefits Transfer card
  • ID issued by UT local government or employer*
  • ID issued by UT-located post-secondary school*
  • UT vehicle registration*
* must be current
If a poll worker issues a provisional ballot to a voter for lack of valid voter identification, the voter will have until the close of normal office hours on Monday after the day of the election to present valid voter identification to the county clerk at the county clerk's office or to an election officer who is administering the election.


NO! Utah does not accept ID from other states as voter ID. 


YES! Utah accepts a currently valid ID card issued by a Utah college, university, technical school, or professional school.