Debunking the Myth Surrounding Noncitizen Voting


These barriers disproportionately impact people in minority groups, especially voters of color, according to the report.
“If there are elected officials who are concerned about election integrity, I hope they look at this data,” Lauren Kunis, CEO of VoteRiders, said. “I hope they fully understand the impact of what they are pushing for access to the ballot box for all eligible American voters.”
Kunis, who leads a non-partisan, non-profit organization ensuring that all citizens can exercise their right to vote, said there are numerous groups of people impacted by this that may not immediately come to mind.
For example, young people and students living in dorms or apartments may have proof of citizenship at a more permanent home and can’t access them to register to vote, she said.
Also, she explained that women who change their last name because of marriage or divorce, along with transgender and nonbinary individuals, may not have photo IDs and/or documents that align with their gender identity or legal name.