Democrats Are Now Open To New Voter ID Rules. It Probably Won't Win Over The GOP

AUGUST 28 –”Between the impact on nonwhite voters and the absence of widespread voter fraud, Democrats have not been shy about describing voter ID laws as racist and disenfranchising…But after a decade of taking their case directly to the American people, it appears Democrats may be softening that stance because the American people don’t seem to have budged.”

Originally published by NPR

By Miles Parker

“The fight on voter ID continues to be an uphill battle for Democrats since most Americans have and continue to support ID measures for voting.

A recent Monmouth University poll found 80% of Americans think people should have to show photo IDs to vote.

‘Regardless of how you poll, voters like a requirement for photo ID,’ said Charles Stewart, who leads the MIT Election Data and Science Lab. ‘I mean it’s kind of a no-brainer for a large swath of the American public … including most Democrats.’

The Monmouth poll found that 56% of people who identified as liberal and 84% of nonwhite voters favored photo ID requirements.

But advocates still feel it’s a case where the people responding in such polls are those who probably already have government ID cards such as driver’s licenses in their wallets.

‘I can’t help but wonder if Americans knew more about the scale and the impact of voter ID laws, we would see those poll numbers change,’ said Lauren Kunis, executive director of VoteRiders, a nonprofit aimed at helping people get IDs. ‘My strong feeling is that the answer would be yes.'”