Voter ID in Kentucky


What is your plan for voting?

Voter ID rules are different based on whether you vote by absentee ballot or in person.



Voting by Absentee Ballot

You can vote by mail using an absentee ballot if:

  • You are a registered voter in Kentucky
  • You can’t go to your polling place for a valid reason, including being sick or having a disability.

Requesting Your Ballot

You have to apply online to receive your absentee ballot. You can call your county clerk if you can’t access the online application.Voters with disabilities also have the option of requesting an accessible absentee ballot. This option allows you to mark your ballot using an electronic device, but it cannot be returned online.

You will need to provide a copy of an acceptable ID when you apply for your ballot.

Returning Your Ballot

You don’t need to include an ID when your return your completed ballot.

Kentucky does not allow you to return your ballot electronically.



Voting in Person

You will be asked to show photo ID to vote in Kentucky.

Your ID needs to have your name and photo. It can be from any of the following:  

  • US, Kentucky, or local government  
  • US Military, Department of Defense, or Kentucky National Guard
  • Public or private institution of higher education located in the US
  • Any government entity located within Kentucky 


If you don’t have one of the IDs listed above, you can still vote if: 

  • You a registered voters who is eligible to vote in your precinct.
  • You don’t have an ID for a valid reason, including being sick or having a disability.
  • You sign “Voter Affirmation Form” confirming your identity. 

Bring one of these supporting IDs: 

  • Your Social Security Card 
  • Any ID issued by a county in Kentucky that’s been approved by the State Board of Elections (must show your name) 
  • Any ID card with your photograph (must show your name)
  • Any food stamp ID card, electronic benefits transfer card, or supplemental nutrition assistance (SNAP) card issued by Kentucky (must show your name) or
  • A credit or debit card (must show your name)



Page Updated: August 2023