Eva Longoria, America Ferrera To Textbank for Latina Georgia Voters Ahead of Runoffs

DECEMBER 19, 2020 — The duo, through their She Se Puede platform, will join a textbanking event on Saturday aimed at educating Georgia voters on the state’s strict voter ID laws in preparation for Jan. 5’s races.

Published in The Hollywood Reporter

Written by Kirsten Chuba

After becoming two of Hollywood’s most vocal political activists during the 2020 presidential election, Eva Longoria and America Ferrera are reteaming ahead of the Georgia runoffs.

On Saturday, the actresses will hold a text banking event with nonprofit VoteRiders to educate Georgia voters on the state’s strict voter ID laws. Longoria and Ferrera’s newly launched digital lifestyle platform She Se Puede, covering fashion, health, culture and voting for the Latina community, will co-host, with the event aimed specifically at Latina voters.

“Not only are Latina voters some of the most likely people to not have valid photo ID, they also face insurmountable challenges in obtaining an ID,” Longoria said in a statement to THR. “Voter IDs are a critical issue in every election cycle, and we need to make sure Georgia voters are able to get to the polls and cast their ballots with as much confidence as they did in November.”

Adds Ferrera, “All elections have consequences for our community, and the outcome of the Georgia Senate runoffs will have great impact for Latinas in Georgia and throughout the country. It’s important that Latinas make their voices heard in this election. We know the power of voter education and awareness, so we’re joining VoteRiders to do our part in making sure Latina voters in Georgia have what they need to vote on Jan. 5.”