Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Takes On Grassroots Voter Engagement Through New Initiative with VoteRiders

BridgeTogether is intended to fund organizations that are taking up the mantle of connecting with existing voters as well as disengaged or new ones.


Originally published by BET.

Gov. Deval Patrick says the whole idea of BridgeTogether is to be a permanent source of support for the grassroots groups involved. One of the groups, VoteRiders, a voter advocacy organization, received a $100,000 grant to expand voter identification work in Arizona, meaning an expansion of partnerships with organizations statewide and create voter identification clinics in key locations.

“This grant will ensure VoteRiders is ready to help citizens in Arizona who are most impacted by voter ID laws, including women, communities of color, and youth. Alongside a growing number of state-based partners, we’ll be working every day between now and Election Day to equip Arizona voters with the information, resources, and assistance needed to ensure they can have a voice in our democracy,” Lauren Kunis, VoteRiders’ executive director said in a statement.

Read more about what Bridge Together and VoteRiders are doing in Arizona here.”