How Do I Vote on Election Day?

October 8, 2020 – Despite an anticipated surge in mail voting due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most voters will still be able to cast their ballots the old-fashioned way: by visiting their local polling place or other designated location on Election Day.

By Bloomberg Graphics

Kathleen Unger, Founder and President of VoteRiders, says that if you are questioned about your voter ID status but are confident you have valid ID, you may:

  • Present a VoteRiders information card, which lists the state ID laws, to the poll worker
  • Ask to speak with a supervisor
  • Ask if you can sign a sworn statement regarding your eligibility or have someone vouch for your identity
  • Call or text the VoteRiders’ Helpline (866-ID-2-VOTE)
  • Ask for a provisional ballot

Also includes state by state information on:

  • Do I need to bring identification if I’m not a first-time voter?
  • What is valid voter identification in my state?
  • What time will polls open and close in my state?
  • Where can I find my polling place?
  • Does my state use provisional ballots?
  • Why might I have to vote a provisional ballot in my state?
  • Where can I track the status of my provisional ballot?
  • Who is allowed to challenge my eligibility to vote in my state?