Matt And Jessica’s Voter ID Story

One Wisconsin family’s dilemma over voter ID from VoteRiders on Vimeo.

Matt and Jessica Hegdahl moved to Wisconsin from Montana a few months before the Spring 2016 primary election. They registered to vote, but when they talked to VoteRiders at a local church, they found out that they could not use their valid MT driver’s licenses as ID at the polls. Getting new Wisconsin driver’s licenses would cost them $34 each, a steep price for this family who had yet to find a steady job in their new home state.

Wisconsin will provide a free non-driver’s ID to vote, if the applicant surrenders their out-of-state license. For people who rely on their vehicles for work, daily family life, or who live in areas without reliable public transportation, trading their car for their right to vote can seem like an unfair dilemma.

With VoteRiders’ help, Matt and Jessica paid their new Wisconsin driver’s license fees and were able to drive home – and vote.

  • Thanks to Tony Dokoupil of NBC for this video