Donate to VoteRiders

Ohio’s new voter ID law puts the state’s voters up against some of the toughest requirements in the nation.

Without action, these restrictive rules threaten to block hundreds of thousands of eligible Ohioans from the ballot.

That’s where VoteRiders comes in. We’re organizing to reach impacted voters and help them get the photo ID now required to vote.

Important municipal elections are coming soon, and we don’t want a single Ohio voter to be left out.

Every dollar raised goes directly to helping voters navigate bureaucracy and secure the ID they need to cast a ballot.

For example:

  • $10 contributes to the cost of a state-issued ID such as a driver’s license
  • $35 provides one voter with a ride to the BMV or other ID-issuing government office.
  • $50 funds the cost of securing a vital document (such as a birth certificate) for one voter to obtain voter ID.
  • $500 covers the cost of a virtual text bank to contact thousands of voters who are at risk of not having a valid ID to vote.

Nobody should lose their right to vote because they lack ID. Donate today and help us fight back at this critical moment in Ohio.

VoteRiders is a nonpartisan 501 (c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our EIN is 45-5081831.

Please address checks to VoteRiders. Mail to: VoteRiders National Headquarters • 171 Pier Avenue, #313 • Santa Monica, California • 90405