Orioles Join Major League Baseball In Promoting Voter Engagement

September 16, 2020 – The Orioles announced Sept. 16 additional plans to support the Voter Up campaign, which supports Major League Baseball’s league-wide voter engagement initiative.

by PressBox

In an effort to encourage staff to actively participate in the upcoming general election, the Orioles have declared Election Day as a paid day off for all full-time staff. On November 3, employees are encouraged to vote and to volunteer to serve as poll workers or in a variety of other volunteer roles to help ensure safe, fair voting access throughout Birdland.

In support of the league’s commitment to take action on voter education, registration, and turnout, as well as civic engagement, the Orioles will work with players and personnel throughout the entire organization to provide voter registration information and key deadlines for absentee ballot requests and early voting. The club will focus on mobilizing players and staff to take on an active role in their communities during the election cycle and beyond.