Registered voters in Missouri need to confirm their identity when they vote in person. There are several forms of identification you can use.

Some voters need to provide a copy of an acceptable ID to vote by mail.

Is out-of-state ID accepted?

You cannot use an ID issued by another state

Is student ID accepted?

You can use an ID issued by a post-high school institution in Missouri

Is an expired ID accepted?

You can use an expired ID

Missouri ID Requirements for Voting In Person


Your ID must be issued by one of the following:

  • ID issued by Missouri, an agency of Missouri, or a local election authority of Missouri
  • ID issued by US. government or agency 
  • ID issued by an institution of higher education such as university, college, vocational and technical school within Missouri 
  • Copy of current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government document (including check) with your name and address

Frequently Asked Questions

Registered voters in Missouri must confirm their identity when they vote in person.

If you are a registered voter but do not present a valid ID at the polling place, you may cast a provisional ballot.

Your provisional ballot will be counted if:

  • you return to the polling place before it closes on Election Day and present acceptable ID


  • if your signature on the provisional ballot envelope matches your signature in the voter registry.

Get in touch with VoteRiders if you have questions or need free help securing ID.

You do not need a REAL ID to vote in Missouri.

Your driver’s license or state ID card will show a star in the upper corner if it meets REAL ID requirements under federal law.

Get in touch with VoteRiders if you have questions or need free help getting ID.

Missouri ID Requirements for Voting By Mail

Missouri has two types of voting by mail, absentee ballots and mail-in ballots. There are different eligibility and other rules for each type, including whether your ballot envelope must be notarized.

You do not need to provide a copy of an ID to vote by mail.

BUT: If it is your first time voting in a federal election in Missouri, please see the federal ID requirements for first-time voters. A federal election is when you vote for the President, your Congressional Representative or your Senators.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are eligible to vote by mail-in ballot if you are a registered voter.


  • Unlike absentee ballots, mail-in ballots must be returned through the U.S. mail.
  • All mail-in ballot envelopes must be notarized.

You are eligible to vote absentee with a notary if due to:

  • Religious beliefs or practice
  • Working as an election worker
  • Incarceration, if still eligible to vote
  • Certified participation in an address confidentiality program
  • Absence on election day from your election jurisdiction

You are eligible to vote absentee without a notary if due to incapacity or confinement because of illness.

Absentee ballots may be turned in by mail or in person.


Voters requesting an absentee ballot by mail who: 

  • have registered by mail
  • have not voted in person

are required to submit a copy of acceptable personal identification unless they provided a copy with their registration application. 

Any form of ID that works for voting in person will be accepted.

If you need a copy and don’t have the means to print one: Get free help printing a copy of your ID

No, but the signature on your mail ballot must match your signature on file with the state.

In some cases, you are required to have your ballot notarized.

There is no process to “cure” (fix) your ballot if it is rejected.