North Carolina

Registered voters do not need to provide an ID when they vote in person, except for some first-time voters.

You need to provide ID information when you apply to vote by mail.

Note: North Carolina’s voter ID law is currently under litigation. VoteRiders is tracking developments closely and will post updates as new court decisions or regulations come into effect.

Is out-of-state ID accepted?

No ID is required to vote in North Carolina

Is student ID accepted?

No ID is required to vote in North Carolina

Is an expired ID accepted?

No ID is required to vote in North Carolina

North Carolina ID Requirements for Voting In Person

You do not need to show ID when you vote in person.

BUT: If it is your first time voting in a federal election in North Carolina, please see the federal ID requirements for first-time voters. A federal election is when you vote for the President, your Congressional Representative or your Senators.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may register to vote and cast an in-person absentee ballot, on the same day, only during the early voting period (called “same day registration”) at your county’s designated early voting location. There is no same day registration and voting on Election Day itself. You must show the following acceptable ID and proof of residence:

  • North Carolina driver’s license or other photo ID issued by a government agency, provided it includes your name and address.
  • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document showing your name and address.
  • A current college/university photo ID card paired with proof of campus-related residential address. 

No. Election officials have provided no guidance that ID required to complete voter registration (such as a photo ID or a current utility bill or bank statement, government check or pay check, or some other government document) can be shown on an electronic device. Please also see the federal ID requirements for first-time voters.

North Carolina ID Requirements for Voting By Mail

Any registered North Carolina voter can request an absentee ballot. No excuse is required.

You must provide ID information (North Carolina Driver’s License number or North Carolina State ID number) in order to apply to vote by mail.

You must have the signature of one witness or an authorized official on your absentee ballot envelope.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must provide one of the following:

  • North Carolina driver’s license number
  • North Carolina non-operator ID card number

Voters who do not provide one of these two numbers must vote in person.

No, but the absentee ballot certificate must show the signature of two witnesses at least 18 years old or by a notary public. The two witnesses must indicate their addresses. They should only observe you marking your ballot, not how you vote.

Yes, the following deficiencies can be cured (fixed) if you provide a cure certification:

  • You did not sign the Voter Certification.
  • You signed in the wrong place.

When a deficiency cannot be cured, your ballot must be spoiled and a new ballot must be issued, as long as the new ballot is issued before Election Day. The following deficiencies cannot be cured by certification if a witness or assistant:

  • did not print their name (although your ballot will be acceptable if the witness’s or assistant’s signature is legible such that their name can be determined)
  • did not print their address
  • did not sign
  • signed on the line where you are required to sign.

If there are any deficiencies with your absentee envelope, the county board of elections must inform you in writing within one business day of identifying the deficiency and enclose a cure certification or new ballot. You will receive such notice (which must also include information on how to vote in-person during the early voting period and on Election Day):

  • by email as well as mail, if your email address is on file
  • by phone if you did not provide an email address but did provide a phone number.

The cure certification must be received by the county board of elections by 5 p.m. the day before county canvass. The cure certification may be submitted to the county board office by fax, email, in person, or by mail or commercial carrier. If you appear in person at the county board office, you may also be given, and can complete, a new cure certification.




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