Registered voters in Oklahoma need to confirm their identity when they vote in person. There are several forms of identification you can use.

Oklahoma ID Requirements for Voting In Person


You can use one of the following IDs if it is unexpired (as of the date you vote) or valid indefinitely. The name on your ID needs to match your name in the precinct registry.

  • A photo ID issued to you by the United States, the State of Oklahoma, or a federally
    recognized Native American nation or tribe (must have an expiration date that is AFTER the election date)
  • A photo ID issued to you by a branch of the United States armed forces because you are a member or a retired member of that service branch
  • The free Voter ID Card sent to you by your County Election Board when you registered to vote

Frequently Asked Questions

Registered Oklahoma Voters must show ID at the polls to vote.

If you are a registered voter but do not present a valid ID at the polling place, you may cast a provisional ballot.

In order for your ballot to be counted, you must sign an affidavit with your:

  • name
  • residence address
  • date of birth
  • either your driver’s license number or the last four digits of your security number.

All of this information must match your voter registration record in order for your ballot to be counted.

You may show your REAL ID on your mobile or other electronic device. Otherwise, you must provide a physical version of an acceptable ID.

Oklahoma ID Requirements for Voting By Mail

Any registered Oklahoma voter can vote absentee. No excuse is necessary.

For “standard” absentee ballots: the affidavit must be notarized.

For voters who have requested “physically incapacitated” absentee ballots: their signature must be witnessed by two people.

BUT: If it is your first time voting in a federal election in Oklahoma, please see the federal ID requirements for first-time voters. A federal election is when you vote for the President, your Congressional Representative, or your Senators.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are registered to vote, you may apply for an absentee ballot in person at your county election board, by U.S. mail, by fax, or by means of electronic communication. Your name, birth date, and identification number must match the information in your voter registration record. Your identification number must be:

  • The number of your current and valid Oklahoma driver license or identification card, if you have one.
  • If you do not have either of these IDs, you must provide the last four digits of your Social Security number.

If you do not recall which ID number you included in your voter registration record, you may provide multiple ID numbers, at least one of which must match the number in your voter registration record if your record included an ID number. You will be informed if you provide a name, birth date, or ID number that does not match your voter registration record, along with information and instruction to contact your county election board. If your voter registration record does not contain your birth date and identification number, you will not be eligible to apply for an absentee ballot by means of electronic communication. Instead, you may apply in person at your county election board, by U.S. mail, or by fax; and in such event, your absentee ballot application shall be accepted without a match of your birth date or an ID number.

There is no process to “cure” (fix) your ballot if it is rejected.