New Videos: Voter ID Information in Key States

Because of our country’s patchwork of election laws, the answer to almost ANY voting question – especially questions on voter ID – is this: “Well, it depends where you live.” 

That’s why VoteRiders has been providing state-specific voter ID information for many years, including Voter ID Information Cards in both English and Spanish.  

That state-specific focus is also why we’re excited to release a new set of state voter ID videos today in key states! These quick, two-minute videos provide a basic overview of each state’s current voter ID laws. And they highlight ways to get free help from VoteRiders for those in need of an ID. 

Help us get the word out by sharing these resources far and wide between now and Election Day with your networks and the communities you serve: 




North Carolina




National Overview Video: Voter ID in America

And speaking of our state-specific Voter ID Information Cards in English and Spanish, these cards print & ship for free in unlimited quantities to nonprofit nonpartisan organizations. You can order them in two minutes or less on our website HERE. If you don’t need physical cards, you can download all state cards HERE.