Alaska is a non-strict voter ID state.


Alaska Voter ID Info



Can you use a student ID to vote in Alaska?

Yes! You can use your student ID to vote in Alaska.

Your student ID must have your photo and be unexpired.

Check here for a full rundown of the state’s rules!



Can you vote without an ID in Alaska?

Registered Alaska voters must show an acceptable ID at the polls to vote a regular ballot.

If you are a registered voter but do not present an acceptable ID at your polling place, you may vote a “questioned ballot.”

In order for your ballot to be counted, you must sign a questioned ballot register and complete an envelope with your information. Your voted ballot will be placed in the envelope.

A review board will determine if your ballot will be counted. A letter will be sent to you if your ballot is rejected or partially counted to tell you the reason.

A copy of your ID is not necessary to vote by mail in Alaska.

Check here for a full rundown of the state’s rules!



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