Voter ID Info Cards

Order Info Cards for Your Campus!

VoteRiders’ Voter ID Information Cards are pocket-sized guides to what types of IDs are accepted to vote in each state. Cards are available in English and Spanish for all 50 states and DC.


One side of the card lists the acceptable IDs for voting in person and alternative options for voters. The other side lists VoteRiders’ national Helpline number, our website and a QR code for information on voter ID-related issues for the state, including voting by mail.

VoteRiders prints and ships physical cards to 501(c)(3) and other nonpartisan nonprofit organizations at no cost. All you need is a plan for distributing the cards to voters. Complete this order form to request cards for your school.

If you are not affiliated with a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, you are welcome to download and print the cards independently. PDF files for all state cards in English and Spanish are available to download here.


How Information Cards Have Been Used

  • Shared at campus events and voter registration drives
  • Placed in dining halls, coffee shops, libraries, gyms, common rooms
  • Stapled to pizza delivery boxes
  • Referenced by students at their polling place when they encounter misinformed poll workers