New Hampshire



New Hampshire is a non-strict voter ID state.


New Hampshire Voter ID Info



Can you use a student ID to vote in New Hampshire?

Yes! New Hampshire accepts student IDs issued by listed institutions in the state.

Your student ID needs to have your photo.

The expiration or issuance date cannot exceed 5 years. Postsecondary school IDs must show the date of issuance.

Check here for a full rundown of the state’s rules!



Can you vote without an ID in New Hampshire?

If you do not present an ID at your polling place that is approved or otherwise verified by an election official, you can execute a challenged voter affidavit and cast your ballot.

Your photo will be taken (religious exemptions are possible) and attached to your challenged voter affidavit.

You will receive a verification letter from the Secretary of State requesting confirmation that you voted in the election.

If you do not respond in writing to the Secretary of State within 30 days of the date this letter was mailed, the Attorney General will conduct an investigation to determine whether fraudulent voting occurred.

You do not need a copy of your ID to vote by mail in New Hampshire.

Check here for a full rundown of the state’s rules!



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