Chuck Rocha

Member, Board of Advisors

Chuck Rocha is a preeminent Latino vote expert. He is the President and Founder of Solidarity Strategies, a full-service nonprofit and political consulting firm. A New York Times guest essayist, Chuck is the author of, “Tío Bernie,” which provides an inside look at the strategy behind the historic Latino outreach operation he pioneered on the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign. As of 2022, Chuck has been named on Politico’s Recast Power list, which honors the top 40 most influential people on race and politics. Notably, he has also been awarded General Consultant of the Year by Gain Power’s Powerful Idea Awards. Chuck is an Advisory Board Member of Leaders of Color, which recruits Black and Brown leaders to serve in public office. He is also the founder of Nuestro PAC, a partisan super PAC that aims to educate, mobilize and turn out Latinos in key electoral states.

Location: Washington, DC