Jules Haimovitz, MA

Member, Board of Trustees

Jules Haimovitz’s experience incorporates all aspects of operating and managing diverse businesses through all their various phases. Jules’ background spans his starting-up the Showtime, Lifetime, Sundance and Smithsonian cable channels, to his managing numerous acquired companies such as MTV Networks, to his serving as President over turnaround companies such as Aaron Spelling Prods., ITC and as Managing Partner of Dick Clark Prods., to his management expertise having benefited virtually all the major players in Media and Entertainment including as President of MGM Networks, King World Prods. and Viacom Networks and Entertainment Groups. As Chair of the Audit and Strategic Planning Committees of Imclone, Jules was instrumental in its sale to Eli Lily. A current and former member of the Boards of several for-profit companies, he serves on the Brooklyn College Foundation Board. Jules holds a dual B.A. in Mathematics and Communications, as well as an M.A. degree in Mathematics from Brooklyn College.