TIME.com: Millions of Georgians Have Voted. It Hasn’t Been Easy for Everyone

(TIME Magazine published a feature Nov. 7 with portraits of Georgia voters who have not had an easy time getting to vote this year. This is one of the portrait/profiles.)

Keith Bowens, 56, Lithonia, Georgia
Needed ID

Keith Bowens didn’t realize he needed an ID to vote until he got a postcard about it in the mail from the nonprofit VoteRiders. Bowens had an ID last time he voted for former President Barack Obama, but he was then incarcerated for two years for a misdemeanor and on probation for two more, and during that time his ID was misplaced, he says.

He contacted VoteRiders, who stepped in to help. Since Bowens was unemployed at the time, the nonprofit paid the fee for his ID and for his transportation to and from the DMV. After watching the contentious 2020 election, Bowens says he feels motivated to make sure his voice is heard.

“I want to have my chance to vote and have my vote be counted,” he says. “Now I have everything I need to do that.” He plans on voting on Election Day.

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