Today's Edition Podcast: VoteRiders

VoteRiders Founder Kathleen Unger and Executive Director Lauren Kunis were guests on Robert Hubbell’s Today’s Edition Podcast.


From Robert Hubbell, the author of Today’s Edition Newsletter and Podcast:

Over the weekend, I interviewed the CEO (Kathleen Unger) and Executive Director (Lauren Kunis) VoteRiders. … VoteRiders fills a critically important function in the electoral process—ensuring that voters can obtain voter identification that conforms to state and local requirements for registration and voting. There are many ways you can support the work of VoteRiders, including donations, spreading the word about its work on social media, introduction to partner organizations that can extend the work of VoteRiders. Check out its website for ways to help.

During the interview, Kathleen and Lauren both talk about what inspired them to activism, and Kathleen describes her path to founding VoteRiders nearly 10 years ago.

Listen to Robert Hubbell’s Today’s Edition Podcast Here.