For many transgender and nonbinary citizens, getting the ID they need to register and vote isn’t a straightforward or simple process.

Every state has different requirements for a person to change their legal name and for updating their name and/or gender markers on their birth certificate, state ID card, or driver’s license. In more than 20 states, restrictive requirements can make this process challenging or even impossible for transgender and nonbinary people.

So perhaps it is not surprising that UCLA’s Williams Institute has estimated that more than a quarter of eligible trans adults in voter ID states did not have documentation that accurately reflected their name and/or gender for the 2020 general election.

In addition to the logistical difficulties of securing ID, LGBTQ+ voters in every state deal with intimidating and discouraging bias, confusion and inconsistent application of the law at the polls.

In 2021, VoteRiders teamed up with HeadCount to launch #TransPeopleVote, a complement to HeadCount’s ongoing Vote With Pride campaign. These resources are geared toward the unique ID needs of trans and nonbinary voters and equip them with everything they need to cast their ballots safely and confidently.

For 2022, we’re celebrating Pride Month with updated and expanded #TransPeopleVote resources for all 50 states and DC.

On VoteRiders’ Pride Page, voters can learn about their state’s voter ID requirements and their options for updating vital documents and state-issued IDs. If they have questions or need help, VoteRiders is standing by with personalized guidance and support via our Helpline and Chatbot.

Our commitment to assisting LGBTQ+ voters doesn’t end with Pride Month, but we encourage every voter to take time in June to get ready to cast their ballot.

What you can do: