IOWA Voter ID Information

Voter ID rules have changed in Iowa in 2019. VoteRiders is here to help you understand the requirements, obtain your IA voter ID, and vote with confidence! If you have any questions or need any help securing your ID to vote, please call or text our Voter ID Helpline: 844-338-8743

Starting in 2019, Iowa voters ARE REQUIRED to show valid ID in order to vote a regular ballot. The IA Secretary of State plans to send a Voter ID Card by mail to any registered voter who does not have a valid driver's license or non-operator's ID issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation. Note that Iowa does not accept out-of-state driver's licenses or student IDs as proof of identity for voting. 

Guide to voter ID rules in Iowa as of February 2019

You must show one ID at the polls:
  • Iowa Driver's License
  • Iowa Non-Operator's ID
  • U.S. Passport
  • Military ID
  • Tribal ID
  • Veteran's ID
  • Voter ID Card
If no ID: Cast a provisional ballot and provide ID by the Monday after Election Day