KENTUCKY Voter ID Information

Registered Kentucky voters must confirm their identity at the polls by providing photo ID, or by personal acquaintance with an election official (who must sign an election officer affirmation). If you are a registered voter but unable to provide proof of ID, you may cast a provisional ballot for federal elected offices only. To do so, you must conform to federal law (see VOTER REGISTRATION below), including providing a written affirmation, signed in front of an election official, stating that you are a registered voter and are eligible to vote in the election.

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You must provide ID which includes your name and photo, and must be issued by one of the following:
  • US or Commonwealth of Kentucky+
  • US Department of Defense, a branch of the uniformed services, the Merchant Marines, or KY National Guard
  • Public or private college, university, or postgraduate technical or professional school located within the US
  • Any government entity located within KY
If you are unable to provide one of above IDs, you may cast a ballot if you*:
  • Are eligible to vote
  • Are entitled to vote in that precinct
  • Sign a sworn statement, affirming:
    • You are a citizen of the United States
    • Your date of birth to the best of your knowledge and belief
    • You are qualified to vote in that precinct
    • Your name as you’re generally known or per your voter registration card
    • You have not voted and will not vote in any other precinct
    • Your current residential address or address prior to registration deadline & date you moved
    • Your understanding that making a false statement on the affirmation is punishable under penalties of perjury
    • You have one of the following impediments to getting the required photo ID:
      • Lack of transportation
      • Inability to obtain your birth certificate or other documents needed to show proof of identity
      • Work schedule
      • Lost or stolen identification
      • Disability or illness
      • Family responsibilities
      • ID has been applied for but not yet received, or
      • You have a religious objection to being photographed
*In addition, you must provide to the election officer:
  • Your Social Security Card or
  • Any ID issued by a county in KY that’s been approved by the State Board of Elections# or
  • Any ID card with the voter's photograph# or
  • Any food stamp ID card, electronic benefit transfer card, or supplemental nutrition assistance card issued by KY# or
  • A credit or debit card#

# and shows your name

+ KY personal ID card is available at no cost if:

    • You do not have a valid operator’s license or a commercial driver’s license, and
    • You will be 18 on or before the next regular election.


First time voters:  When you vote for the first time in a federal election in your county, you must prove who you are:

  • When you register to vote, you must provide your driver’s license number or the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • If you go to vote in person and didn’t include one of these numbers when you registered, you must show an acceptable ID (see below).
  • If you apply for an absentee/vote by mail ballot and didn’t include one of these numbers when you registered, you must enclose a copy of an acceptable ID (see below).

Here is a list of acceptable IDs: Documents that prove who you are

Your state may have other ID requirements for voting in person or for absentee/vote by mail ballot.



NO! Kentucky does not accept ID from other states as voter ID.


Yes! Kentucky accepts student ID, but only if it includes both a photo and signature.