MISSOURI Voter ID Information

What ID is required to vote in Missouri? VoteRiders has all the information eligible voters need, and free assistance obtaining your Missouri voter ID.  Missouri's voter ID law can be confusing, so if you have questions or need help replacing your expired ID cards, obtaining the documents needed to secure your ID (e.g., birth certificate), and how to correct errors in your birth certificate - call or text VoteRiders’ Voter ID Helpline: 844-338-8743. This information updated as of 10/23/2018.

Concise guide to voter ID rules in Missouri.


  • Nonexpired MO driver's license, or nonexpired or nonexpiring MO non-driver's license
  • Nonexpired document with voter’s name; issued by US or state of MO
  • Nonexpired or nonexpiring military ID card
  • Name on ID substantially conforms to most recent signature in voter registration record
If none of the above, then vote regular ballot if you present
  • ID issued by MO, state agency or local election authority; US government or agency; MO-located institution of higher education; OR
  • current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government document including check with voter’s name and address
Provisional ballot will count if signature matches voter registration record

Free Printable: MO Voter ID Info wallet card 
(tarjeta en español)