MISSOURI Voter ID Information


  • Nonexpired MO driver's license, or nonexpired or nonexpiring MO non-driver's license
  • Document with voter’s name; nonexpired or expired after most recent general election; issued by US or state of MO
  • ID issued by MO national guard or US armed forces or Dept. of Veteran Affairs - Unexpired or no expiration date
  • Name on ID substantially conforms to most recent signature in voter registration record

If none of the above, then vote regular ballot if:

  • Sign sworn statement affirming voter’s identity and doesn’t have one of above forms of ID
  • Present ID: issued by MO, state agency or local election authority; US government or agency; MO-located institution of higher education; OR current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government document including check with voter’s name and address

If you have questions or need help getting MO ID to vote, please call VoteRiders' toll-free Voter ID Hotline: 844-338-8743