NORTH CAROLINA Voter ID Information

As of January 2020, registered North Carolina voters must bring an approved photo ID to vote. Voters without ID can vote a provisional ballot, which will be counted if you sign a "reasonable impediment" affidavit.  

Voter ID rules have changed in North Carolina and VoteRiders is here to help! Call or text our Voter ID Helpline: 844-338-8743 to make sure you have what you need to vote with confidence. We will update this page as new rules are published, new legislation is passed, or court decisions are issued. 

Bring one to your polling place

  • NC driver’s license or ID#
  • US Passport or passport card#
  • US military or veterans ID
  • Federally recognized tribal card
  • Tribal card from state-recognized tribe
  • Student ID from state or private university or community college *+
  • Employee card: state/local gov't agency, public or charter school, public university*+
  • Other driver license or non-operator ID*^
  • Voter Photo ID: free at county Board of Elections
# Can be expired one year or less
*  Form approved by NC Board of Elections
+ Must show expiration date (starting 2021)
^ Any state/territory or DC, if register to vote within 90 days of election
  • Without photo ID, your provisional ballot will count if you sign "reasonable impediment" affidavit


Free Printable: NC Voter ID Info wallet card