Voter ID News: “Can I Vote Using An Expired ID?”

This week’s question:

My driver’s license is expired – can I still use it to vote in the November election?


As usual, that depends. First, you need to check to see if your state’s DMV has extended the deadlines for license renewal – many states have done so as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, leading to the full or partial shutdown of DMV services. Second, some states allow voters who need ID to cast their ballot (either at the polls or absentee) to use an ID that has expired. But each state is different, so check VoteRiders’ state-specific pages to see if you can use your expired driver’s license.

This week’s articles of note:

  • Confusion continues to prevail in a number of states concerning voter ID issues – in many instances because of court rulings, including those that aren’t entirely clear. For instance, in spite of a Tennessee court’s recent decision allowing all eligible voters to vote by mail during the pandemic, first-time voters who mail their voter registration must vote in person. Read more….
  • Iowa voters who wish to vote early in person will now have to provide ID before receiving their ballots. And if a voter writes incomplete or incorrect information when requesting an absentee ballot, the county auditor’s office will no longer be allowed to correct it using existing voter registration information, they will contact the voter by phone and email, and then by physical mail. Read more….
  • For those who haven’t been closely following voting news, it may come as a surprise that even though Floridians passed a constitutional amendment that restores ex-felons’ voting rights, it seems they will still not be able to vote in the upcoming August primary and the November general election. On the very day of the August primary, an appellate court will consider a subsequently enacted law that requires these citizens to pay back any fines, fees and restitution before their voting rights can be restored. Read more….
  • But it’s not all bad news for voters. In Virginia, a new law has gone into effect that removes the requirement that the ID have a photo and expands access to an absentee ballot by removing the requirement that the voter have an excuse. Read more….
  • And for voting nerds everywhere, there’s a fascinating new empirical study that examines the impact on voter turnout of requiring voters to provide ID. Spoiler alert:  you’ll have to pay to get the entire paper. Read more….