VoteRiders Hosts 10th Anniversary Letter-Writing Party With Guest Appearances from Shaniqua McClendon and Rob Huebel to Promote Voter ID Education and Assistance

Leading voter ID education and assistance organization VoteRiders hosted a special volunteer letter-writing party in honor of the organization’s 10th anniversary to help reach vulnerable voters in states with voter ID restrictions.

Yesterday, April 6, VoteRiders hosted a virtual letter-writing party with over 350 new and returning volunteers to promote voter ID education and engagement in the midst of this year’s critical midterm election cycle. The party was in celebration of the organization’s 10th anniversary, and featured special guest appearances by Shaniqua McClendon of Crooked Media and actor Rob Huebel who thanked volunteers for their efforts and underscored the urgency of this issue. The event raised awareness around the complexities of voter ID laws; VoteRiders team members shared pertinent details about the new and changing voter ID laws moving through state legislatures across the country, and even saw the completion of over 8,000 letters that will be sent directly to voters in key states.

VoteRiders is the nation’s leading nonpartisan nonprofit raising awareness of ID requirements in the 36 states with voter ID laws and directly assisting all eligible voters in those states who do not have current, government-issued photo ID. In the past decade, the organization has worked with over five thousand volunteers to reach millions of voters in all states, who may be confused given the complicated and ever-changing voter ID laws. With states across America poised to pass almost two dozen new and stricter voter ID measures during an incredibly consequential midterm election year, comprehensive voter education and assistance has never been more urgent.

In conveying the urgency of the situation, and importance of VoteRiders’ work, actor and advocate Rob Huebel said: “It’s just such an important time right now…with all these states passing all these restrictive voting laws, trying to make it harder for people to vote … I think what you guys are doing is so cool and giving people easy, concise information telling them what they need to do to vote…you’re protecting our whole system right now.”

Last night’s virtual party was the first in a series of volunteer events coordinated as part of VoteRiders’ National Voter ID Month of Action. The month will involve coordinated digital and field-based activations across the country, ensuring that American voters are prepared, confident, and ready to cast a ballot that counts in 2022 and beyond. Over the course of the month, VoteRiders will host 10 “birthday celebrations” involving voter ID assistance events in communities in targeted states. As part of its goal to directly reach at least 2 million voters this cycle, the VoteRiders team, along with many of its over 900 partner organizations and 5,800+ volunteers, will contact at least 10,000 voters in key states throughout the month via letter-writing activities targeting the states of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Wisconsin.

The Month of Action is also supported by official proclamations from Governor Evers of Wisconsin, Mayor Johnson of Milwaukee, Mayor Rhodes-Conway of Madison, Mayor Gallego of Phoenix, Mayor Duggan of Detroit, and Mayor Dyer of Orlando.

As the nation’s leading nonprofit focused solely on voter ID education and assistance, VoteRiders is dedicated to mitigating this crisis through providing real and effective solutions.

The organization offers digital resources and in-person services to voters including:

  • The most comprehensive and user-friendly digital voter ID resource hub available in the country, including detailed guides on topics like rules for first-time voters, unique resources for the transgender and nonbinary community, and the difference between REAL ID and voter ID
  • An interactive digital map with in-person and mail-in voter ID laws for each state
  • A 24/7 voter ID chatbot as well as Helpline
  • Free rides to the DMV and other logistical assistance
  • Voter ID Clinics around the country serving at-risk voters including people facing homelessness, folks with former felony convictions, and veterans.

For more information about each state’s voter ID laws, and to sign up to volunteer, donate, or partner with VoteRiders, visit