Genya's Voter ID Story

Genya (a.k.a @ElectionBabe on Twitter) is an election official in Florida, so how could SHE ever have a problem with voter ID?

During a cross-country move in 2013, she lost her driver’s license. Even with an original California birth certificate, Social Security Card, expired passport, and bank statement with her new address, the Georgia DMV would not issue her a new Georgia driver’s license. Her saga of dealing with the bureaucracy of DMVs across two states and how she finally got her ID is a lesson in how hard it can be for someone to obtain photo ID that is valid for voting (let alone driving).

For the full story, see “Identity Crisis: What happens when nobody knows who you are anymore?” at the US Vote Foundation’s blog. Many thanks to Genya for sharing her story. You can share your own voter ID story to help everyone understand the real impact of voter ID!