Voter ID in Kansas

Kansas is a strict voter ID state.

You are required to show an acceptable photo ID to confirm your identity when voting in person. 

Check here for a full rundown of the state’s rules!

Any registered Kansas voter can vote by mail.

You must include the ID number from your current Kansas driver’s license or nondriver’s ID card when you apply for your advance ballot by mail.

If you do not have one of these forms of ID, you must include a copy of an acceptable photo ID with your application.

Check here for a full rundown of the state’s rules!

Changing Your Legal Name

Start the formal request to the district court by completing and filing the Civil Cover Sheet (PDF) and the Petition for Change of Name (PDF).

Subject to the court’s discretion, you may need to publish notice of your name change in a newspaper in your county, by certified mail, or both.

If the court approves your name change, you will receive a court order that can be used to update the name on your ID documents.



Adult Name Change (No Marriage or Divorce)

Submit a request to the Kansas Office of Vital Statistics to amend your birth certificate.

To change the name on your Kansas birth certificate, you will need to provide:

  • certified copy of your name-change court order
  • cover letter stating the information you would like updated
  • completed Application to Amend (PDF)
  • copy of the front and back of a current legal photo ID
  • payment of applicable fee(s)
  • self-addressed stamped envelope

Note: You must update your birth certificate with the state where you were born.

You must update your name with the Social Security Administration and request a new Social Security card before you can change your name on a Kansas-issued ID.

Visit a Kansas DMV office within ten (10) days of your name change.

You must provide a certified copy of your name-change court order and any other required documents, including an existing driver’s license (if any), and payment of applicable fee(s).

Updating Gender Markers

As of August 2023 the Kansas Department of Health and Environment will no longer process gender identity amendments to birth certificates. 

If you previously changed your Kansas birth certificate to align with your gender identity the birth certificate is still valid. However, if you request a certified copy of that birth certificate after August 2023, the certified copy must reflect the gender assigned at birth. 

For more information visit the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Note: You must update your birth certificate with the state where you were born.

You will need to mail a written request to the Chief Driver’s License Examiner. Include a copy of your current Kansas-issued driver’s license or identification card and one of the following:

Medical Certification

Must include:

  • letter requesting to change gender marker (include your full legal name, residential address, phone number, email address, and requested gender marker)
  • physician’s letter (on official letterhead) confirming you meet the state’s medical requirements (proof of gender affirmation surgery not required)

Court Order Certifying Gender Transition

  • You may submit a court order (original or certified copy) that recognizes your gender transition.
  • This option is typically applicable to people who have obtained court orders outside of Kansas.

Birth Certificate with Updated Gender Marker

  • You may submit a certified copy of your Kansas birth certificate showing an updated gender marker.
  • You will also need to provide a copy of the physician’s statement that was used to amend your birth certificate.

If your request is approved, you will receive a letter from the Chief Driver’s License Examiner authorizing the gender marker change.

Bring this letter to any Kansas driver’s licensing exam site to update your Kansas driver’s license or state ID card.


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