Pamela Pearson, JD

National Voter ID Assistance Director and Deputy General Counsel

Pam Pearson grew up in Northern New Jersey and developed an early interest in politics and advocacy. She worked on numerous campaigns during high school and college, but her favorite was for Rep. Millicent Fenwick, an extraordinary public servant who was the inspiration for Lacey Davenport, a memorable character in the Doonesbury comic series. After graduating with an A.B. from Vassar College and a J.D. with honors from Cornell Law School, she pursued a career in civil litigation. After relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina, she served as a senior in-house litigation attorney for 25 years and led teams of legal professionals at one of the country’s largest financial services companies, where she was recognized for her collaborative leadership and management style. At the same time, she served on and led several non-profit boards, most of which focused on advancing opportunities for women and women’s rights. In 2020, Pam was thrilled to be able to channel her passion for democracy and individual liberties into her role at VoteRiders. She began as the organization’s first General Counsel and North Carolina Coalition Coordinator, and now leads VoteRiders’ voter ID assistance programs and strategies. 

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Location: Davidson, NC