WEST VIRGINIA Voter ID Information

Registered West Virginia voters will be asked to show an acceptable unexpired ID at the polls to vote. There are exceptions for some voters without ID.

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Show one ID at the polls. Must be valid and unexpired.

Non-Photo ID:

  • Voter registration card
  • Medicare card or Social Security card
  • Birth certificate
  • WV hunting or fishing license
  • WV SNAP ID card
  • WV TANF program ID card
  • WV Medicaid ID card
  • Bank or debit card
  • Utility bill or bank statement (w/in 6 mos. of election date)
  • Health insurance card issued to voter

Photo ID:

  • WV driver’s license or other DMV-issued WV ID
  • Driver’s license issued by another state
  • U.S. passport or card
  • U.S. Military card
  • US or WV Government employee ID card
  • Student ID card
  • Concealed carry permit

Exception 1. Signed, Sworn Statement by an Adult who has Known the Voter for At Least 6 Months

A voter does not have to show an ID to vote if the voter is accompanied by an adult who:

  1. Has known the voter for at least 6 months;
  2. Shows a photo ID with his or her name and address; and
  3. Signs an affidavit at the polling place confirming the voter’s identity.

Exception 2: A Poll Worker Knows the Voter

A voter does to have to show ID to vote if a poll worker has known the voter for at least 6 months. No additional affidavit or ID is required.

Exception 3: Residents of State Care Facilities

Residents of licensed WV state care facilities do not have to show ID to vote if:

  1. The voter is a resident of the care facility;
  2. The care facility is a polling place; and
  3. The resident’s polling place is located at the care facility.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if a voter cannot obtain any of the forms of ID?

  • A: Registered voters can apply for a free Voter ID Card from their county clerk. The Card will show the voter’s name, address, photo and voter identification number. Applications must be submitted in person at the county clerk’s office, and voters can choose to be mailed their Voter ID Card or pick them up at the county clerk’s office.

Q: What if a voter shows up to vote, does not have an ID, and does not fall under any of the exceptions?

  • A: The voter will be able to vote a provisional ballot and has an opportunity to prove his or her residence at the county clerk’s office before canvass begins (usually 5 days after Election Day).



First-time voters, including those who have not voted in a previous Federal election or who have never voted in their county of residence in a Federal election, must present documentation proving their identity in order to complete their voter registration. This is required under the federal Help America Vote Act, enacted in 2002.


Yes! West Virginia accepts IDs from other states as voter ID. 


Yes! West Virginia accepts student ID.