VoteRiders' Helpline Volumes Increases by 287%


Year-round and especially in the lead-up to elections, VoteRiders fields calls and texts from people who are confused or have questions about whether they need to bring an ID to the polls with them — or what kind of ID they can use to vote.

As more states enact voter ID laws (we’re up to 38), we’re seeing more confusion than ever before: in 2023, we experienced a 287% increase in calls and texts to our ID Helpline relative to 2021.

Here’s what some of those messages look like:

Hi! I'm with VoteRiders. How can I help? I cannot get a state ID unless I get a copy of my marriage license. I have to walk myself down to the county courthouse and pull it myself. I'm 64. Disabled & don't drive.

Hi! I'm with VoteRiders. How can I help? I don't have my ID. I don't have a birth certificate or Social Security card. I'd really like to vote if it's not too late and I can get it done. I just don't have money for my birth certificate and ID right now.

Hi! I'm with VoteRiders. How can I help? I turned 18 a few days ago and I'm super excited to vote, the only problem is that I don't have a driver's license and my school ID doesn't have a signature or an expiration date (I'm a senior in high school) so I was wondering if you could help me figure out what I could do so I can start voting as soon as I can


You can read all about our work and the increase in calls to our ID Helpline in a recent Newsweek story about VoteRiders and voter ID laws.

Voter ID laws create confusion and barriers to the ballot box. VoteRiders is here to work with voters one-on-one to make sure they have what they need to vote, including in-person as well as the virtual and bilingual support we provide via our Helpline and Chatbot. And we’re massively scaling up to meet the needs of millions of voters before next year’s presidential elections.

Wherever and whenever voters are confused about voter ID laws, VoteRiders is there to help! Thanks for working with us to make our democracy stronger and more inclusive.

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