VoteRiders CEO Releases Statement on North Carolina’s Voter ID Law Trial

VoteRiders CEO Lauren Kunis released the following statement on the trial over North Carolina’s voter ID law. — MAY 13, 2024

This week, the much-anticipated trial in a federal lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s voter identification law is expected to conclude. VoteRiders is disappointed that our staff in North Carolina were informed they could not testify in the trial on behalf of voters across the state. In testifying, we had planned to present our rich and unique perspective on the potent barriers to the ballot box that are presented by North Carolina’s voter ID law — a perspective gained by helping thousands of eligible voters across North Carolina obtain ID since 2020.

Our testimony would have underscored the disproportionate impact that the photo ID law places on underrepresented communities, supported by recent research findings and the stories of voters like Earl, an unhoused North Carolinian who was unable to work, secure housing, or cast a regular ballot until VoteRiders assisted him to obtain ID. Earl’s story is unfortunately not unique. The effect of voter ID laws is that eligible voters are unjustly excluded from our democracy.

Regardless of the trial’s outcome, our commitment to supporting North Carolina voters in navigating obstacles to the ballot box remains unwavering. We are proud to stand in coalition with many diverse organizations statewide to help all voters cast a ballot that counts. For ID assistance and resources, individuals can reach our Helpline at 866-ID-2-VOTE and visit

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