'You Guys Helped Me With This Headache' Said Texas Voter in Letter To VoteRiders


VoteRiders proudly works alongside thousands of partner organizations to bring free voter ID support to our nation’s most marginalized voters. Our partners include (but are not limited to) democracy groups, schools, and direct service providers, like Men of Nehemiah, an organization offering addiction recovery programs for men in Dallas, Texas.


Partners can refer anyone in need of ID assistance to VoteRiders via our ID Helpline (866-ID-2-VOTE) or by filling out our Get Free Help webform. That’s how two Men of Nehemiah clients, Antonio Pickett and Phillip Kronberg, connected with VoteRiders and obtained the IDs they needed to vote, secure jobs, and move forward in life.

Both Antonio and Phillip wrote to VoteRiders to express their deepest gratitude. These are their words:

'You Guys Helped Me With This Headache' Said Texas Voter in Letter To VoteRiders
Phillip Kronberg’s letter to VoteRiders

“Hello VoteRiders! I am happy to have the opportunity to express my appreciation for the services you have provided me. I have lost my identification several times through the course of recent personal struggles. Being able to get these items back has restored my sense of security and given me confidence to move forward. Thank you for your support on my journey! – Phillip Kronberg.”

“VoteRiders, hello, my name is Antonio Pickett. I just want to take this time to tell you thank you for your help. The system you have set up has things so much easier. When it comes to government documents and trying to obtain them, it is such a nightmare and nearly impossible. But you guys have helped me with this headache and now I’m ready to move forward with my journey. Thank you and God Bless you. Respectfully, Antonio Pickett.”

'You Guys Helped Me With This Headache' Said Texas Voter in Letter To VoteRiders
Antonio Pickett’s letter to VoteRiders

IDs change lives. Every time we help a voter get their ID, they tell us about the many ways it has improved their life. An ID allows a person to not only exercise their freedom to vote, but also secure stable housing, apply for jobs, access health care, travel, and so much more.

Millions of people lack a current form of photo ID — and it’s not easy to get one. Securing an ID means obtaining underlying documents (like a birth certificate or Social Security card), which may have been lost or destroyed. It means navigating bureaucracy and paperwork that can be confusing and expensive. It means spending hours at an ID-issuing office, instead of working or caring for family members. And it can mean traveling back and forth from hard to reach ID-issuing offices. All of this can make it incredibly challenging to get or update an ID.

'You Guys Helped Me With This Headache' Said Texas Voter in Letter To VoteRiders

That’s why so many people you know (and maybe you yourself!) have skipped or delayed getting a current photo ID.

At VoteRiders, we understand this all too well, and we’re here to help. With the support of our partner organizations, donors, and thousands of volunteers, our free voter ID information and assistance services are reaching millions of Americans where they are and when they need us the most. 

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