'There Is No More Rewarding Work for Me' Says VoteRiders Voter ID Assistance Volunteer



Shelly Jarrett Bromberg is an outstanding member of VoteRiders’ voter ID assistance volunteer team. Among several achievements, Shelly helped Oklahoma voter Julie Autaubo secure a new ID after years without critical medical care.

VoteRiders Volunteer Shelly Jarrett Bromberg
VoteRiders voter ID assistance volunteer, Shelly

“When I signed up to volunteer with VoteRiders, I never imagined what an amazing experience it was going to be.  I liked the concept of helping voters get their IDs and arranging transportation for them to get to appointments at BMVs and other agencies.  I knew that in states like mine, Ohio, the ability to obtain the proper ID to register and vote was becoming more and more difficult.

But, until I began working with my fellow Ohioans, I had no idea just how difficult it was. Many of us take for granted the ease with which we move through society, we have our IDs, we have our Social Security cards, our marriage licenses, and our birth certificates. We get on planes, open bank accounts, secure loans.

It never occurs to most of us that these documents are part and parcel of privilege. Privilege, in this case, means the luxury of having a support network to help us through hard times. Our privilege is the friend, the neighbor, the family member, who is there when we lose our house, our job, or our health.

But these relationships are sometimes too fragile to withstand the challenges, too distant, or simply gone. One accident, one mistake, one twist of fate and we could find ourselves lost, alone, and voiceless.

This is where VoteRiders comes in. We volunteers are part of the safety net that needs to be rewoven, sometimes one thread, one document at a time. We are rich in time, knowledge, and support from the VoteRiders staff. It may only take an hour, or a week, or sometimes a year, but, eventually, we solve the puzzle, connect the dots, and help our voters feel valued and heard once more. There is no more rewarding work for me. “

VoteRiders depends on our volunteers to help us ensure that every citizen can participate fully in our democracy. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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