TEXAS Voter ID Information

VoteRiders can help you exercise your democratic right to vote in Texas. We are experts in helping eligible voters obtain valid ID for voting. It can be confusing to understand Texas' voter ID requirements, so we provide updated resources and free assistance to help you with voter ID questions including how to replace your expired ID cards, how to obtain the documents needed to secure your ID, and how to correct errors in your birth certificate.

For questions or help obtaining TX ID to vote, call VoteRiders’ toll-free Voter ID Helpline: 844-338-8743

Concise guide to voter ID rules in Texas as of February 2019

Cast a regular ballot if you present:

Photo ID (current or expired up to 4 years, though it can be expired more than 4 years if you are 70 years or older):
  • TX driver’s license
  • TX Election ID Certificate
  • TX Personal ID Card
  • Handgun License
  • Military ID Card
  • US Passport Book or Card
  • US Citizenship Certificate*
If you do not have one of the above, then show:
  • Voter registration certificate, or
  • Certified birth certificate, or
  • Current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government document including check** or
  • Any other government document showing the voter's name and an address (e.g. an out-of-state license, a government employee ID, etc.)

Complete and sign "Reasonable Impediment Declaration" - an election officer is not permitted to question the reasonableness of your impediment to getting an ID. 

* Citizenship Cert. does not expire

** with voter's name and ANY address

Free Printable: TX Voter ID Info wallet card 

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